Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Google is at the nub of massive outage. Services including Gmail, Drive, Adsense, Analytics and more are effected

Google services like Gmail, Drive, Adsense, Nest and Analytics are facing outage. Not just that, reports suggest that almost all of Google’s services are partially effected. According Down Detector, the outage seems to affect the east cost region of the United States with some reports of outage in Eastern Europe region as well.

Down Detector report of Google’s services outage

Google’s cloud status dashboard is also reporting outage which indicates issues with Google Cloud Services. Third party services using Google Cloud such as Apple iCloud are also facing issues. This issue is also related to level 3 outage. Level 3 is a massive, business facing wholesale ISP which many of the cloud service providers use.

Google Cloud dashboard reporting issues

Other third party services like Shopify, Snapchat or Vimeo are also massively affected. If you are using any services and facing such issues it is due to the outage cloud services are facing.

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